Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Creepmas Horror Tunes Countdown # 22-21: Psychobilly Christmas

#22 Coffin Caddies – Halloween on Xmas

Sample Lyrics –
Candy canes of evil mock
Pumpkin faces in the dark
Santa’s sleigh goes down in flames
Undead Rudolph eating brains

#21 White Coffin Terrors – Silent Night Deadly Night

Sample Lyrics –
Silent Night Deadly Night, The coroner’s puking at the sight
Hung by their ankles and slaughtered with glee
Young little darlings just ripped at the seams
Screaming in agony, screaming in agony

Hey, waddaya know?  Two bands with Coffin in the title.  Sotty guys, no points for originality this time.  These two songs come from a 2011 compilation called Psychobilly Christmas.  While the Coffin Caddies do have a psychobilly flavor, the White Coffin Terrors have more of a straight ahead horror punk vibe.  It doesn’t really matter though, because they’re both great tracks.  The Coffin Caddies give is a little taste of what a Christmas in a much less family friendly Halloweentown would be like.  The White Coffin Terrors tune isn’t actually about the movie it shares a title with.  Instead it’s just a chronicle of a mad Ghoultide slaughter party.  Put on your leather jacket with the studs and Misfits patch, carefully place your Santa hat on top of your meticulously greased pompadour, and rock out!

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