Monday, December 9, 2013

Creepmas Horror Tunes Countdown #16: Angry Snowmans - Horror Christmas

Angry Snowmans – Horror Christmas

Sample Lyrics –
Too much horror Christmas, fly my sleigh at night
Time to decorate!  My windows are lit.
You don’t go near the mistletoe with me.

Ah, my favorite Christmas-centric band.  Angry Snowmans have released three albums of killer punk X-mas parodies.  They give the candy cane treatment to bands like Fear, Dead Kennedys, D.I., Bad Religion, Black Flag, Agent Orange, and a whole lot of other bands my punk rock knowledge is too limited to recognize. My favorites, however,  are their sendups of my favorite band of all time, The Misfits.  Every one of their releases is essential yuletide listening, so head on over to their Bandcamp page HERE and pick them up.

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