Monday, December 16, 2013

Creepmas Horror Tunes Countdown #11-9: Serial Killers, The Westboro Baptist Church, And The Devil Himself!

#11: Macabre – Holidays of Horror

 Sample Lyrics –
Merry Christmas, he gunned his family down
His bullets were their presents, dead relatives all around
Happy New Year, one they won't be here to see
It's the holiday of horror because of Ronald Gene

I think this list needs some more metal.  Enter Macabre, Chicago’s foremost purveyors of “murder metal.”  Almost all of their songs are about real life slayers, and this one is no exception.  In a 1987 killing spree that lasted from December 22 to 28, Ronald Gene Simmons killed 16 people (including 14 family members).  He got lethal injection, and we got this kick ass tune.  It’s a wonderful reminder of just how crazy some of us go on the holidays.  God, I love this band.

#10:  Westboro Baptist Church – Santa Claus Will Take You To Hell

 Sample Lyrics –
Don’t leave your kids with this red fright
Just like the priests he’ll rape ‘em at night…
So get this fact straight, you’re feeling God’s hate
Santa’s to blame for the dead soldier’s fate
Santa Claus will take you to hell.

Time for a little real life horror in the form of my old buddies the prophets of hate.  The Westboro Baptist Church, who kindly agreed to participate in this year’s What Halloween Means To Me countdown, apparently see Santa as a pagan idol and an affront to God.  They blame him for everything from the economy to war.  This video, featuring the WBC’s children holding “Fag Santa” signs and singing about rape, is truly a sight to behold and probably the scariest thing you will see this Christmas.  This one's straight up batshit nuts.

Ed Harcourt – The Devil Came Down The Chimney

Sample Lyrics –
Razor wire for tinsel toe.  Blackened ash instead of snow.
Reindeer roasting on a barbecue, with Santa’s sleigh in the fire as fuel.
Christmas lights are a hangman’s noose.  Hand grenades in the golden goose.
They nailed an elf to a crucifix and got their kicks on Route 666.

Apparently the world was extra bad this year, because Santa took the year off and Satan came riding in to remake the holiday season in his image.  To be honest, I kinda like what Old Scratch has done with the place.  This darkly swinging number from Ed Harcourt reminds me a lot of something that Nick Cave would write.  It just has that feel.  The only video I could find is this live performance, which isn't bad, but you owe it to yourself to track down the studio version.

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