Friday, December 13, 2013

Creepmas Horror Tunes Countdown #13: Team Death - He's Dead

Team Death - He's Dead


Sample Lyrics - 
I feel sickened as the Christmas Lights glisten
I see a couple under the mistletoe kissin'
My vision's twisted so I creep up very slowly
Stab them both with some icicles because the devil, he controls me

How about a little rap to mix things up?  SickTanicK(the mastermind behind Serial Killin’ Records) and Razakel (the reigning queen of horrorcore) are bringing their trademark bloodshed and blasphemy to the holidays.  On this track, the couple drop acid and go hunting Christians, children, and anyone else enjoying the holidays.  Their whole Unholy Noel EP is as dark, hardcore, and occult obsessed as it gets.  Those with more delicate sensibilities should steer clear.  My fellow sick freaks, however, will revel in the depravity.

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