Thursday, October 30, 2014

What Halloween Means To Me '14: Nick Principe

I first noticed Nick Principe in his killer turn as Chromeskull in the best slasher flick of the last decade, Laid To Rest.  He also damn near stole the show in the criminally underrated The FP, and I can't wait to see his work in Ryan Nicholson's new movie Collar.  He was also one of my fist on camera interviews.  So, Nick, what does Halloween mean to you?

“Ahhhhh Halloween .... The horror fans holiday.  It just doesn't get any better than the month of Oct; haunted houses and pumpkin.... well pumpkin EVERYTHING! Going to CVS, or any store and seeing monsters and creatures cute and scary next to cheap crap make up and Scream masks. The billboards off the highway of all the haunts and hayrides makes you wish it was all year round.  
In my youth I'd start building my costume at the end of August cuz, like most New Englanders, we were broke !! But that's fine.  Having financial limitations can bring out a creative side you might not have known you even had. As a young boy I'd try to put together at least two costumes so I could hit my neighborhood twice and get double the candy.  If our parents were up for it, and usually they were, they'd take us to the nicer neighborhoods where they'd dish out the FULL sized candy bars and not the "fun sized" ones most houses had (and what's with the term fun sized? Why does that mean tiny??) As I got older the costumes got more advanced, the girls outfits got skimpier (international allowed to dress like a slut day as some call it), and house parties and cemetery parties replaced trick or treating.
In my late teens I was lucky enough to play music professionally, which took me around the world more than a few times and allowed me to experience Hallows Eve MANY diff places. Almost booking our tours around the 31st and making sure we were some place spooky for that amazing day.... like seeing the Cramps in Austin. Or how about the Michael Graves era Misfits in New Orleans? Or even better Paris France one year for Samhain.   But no matter where it was around the globe, the best place in the WORLD for Halloween is only 30 mins away in Salem, Mass. For the entire month of Oct, Salem embraces the evil "witchery " that took place in the fall of 1692 where over 30 young women (and a few men) met their fate by hanging, being burned alive, or being pressed (held under rocks until it crushed all your organs and you bled to death internally).  But now on Halloween it is just a GIANT party.  The cobblestone streets are blocked off from traffic and thousands from all over come in costume to drink and be merry and have fun.  And then the weekend before Halloween is Rock n Shock.  It’s my favorite horror convention in North America because they combine my two fave things, horror films/culture and punk/hardcore/metal music ! At the Palladium, bands are playing from  late afternoon into the wee hours of night and at the DCU center horror vendors and celebs mingle with fans of the macabre ! If you've never been, it's a sight to behold.  
I get asked a lot if, since I play monsters year round and spend countless hours in the make-up chair, why would I want to do that to myself on my days off? Why??? F@$king why??? Because I LIVE for this stuff !!! The entire reason I do what I do is because I'm STILL the lil kid planning his costume in August.   I STILL want be someone else for a night I LOVE a great costume that you can stand in front of someone you've known your whole life and they can't recognize you ! You aren't who you were on Oct 29th.  You're whoever you want to be. It's a silly reference, but I remember an old episode of Beauty and the Beast (with Ron pearlman and linda Hamilton ) where the only night out of the year that the beast could walk freely in the streets was Halloween.  All he would hear back instead of screams was "cool costume." And maybe deep down that's how I feel, cuz any other night I'm considered a freak.  But on Oct 31, I just have a cool costume and it's the freaks night to be themselves. So here's to all the freaks..... Have a great Halloween.”

 1 more day 'til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.  1 more day 'til Halloween.  Silver Shamrock!

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