Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What Halloween Means To Me '14 Day 6: "Scratchy" Pete Elliott

Today's contributor, "Scratchy" Pete Elliott, has been reviewing horror for almost 40 years.  These days, his work can be found at ExtremeHorrorCinema.com, in the pages of Monstrosity Magazine and Monster Pictures, and in various Facebook groups (Lair of Horror, Beneath the Underground, The Toxic Underground, The Horror Pit, House of Blood, Hallowed Ground).  He first caught my eye due to his very unique writing style, which he says he developed in an attempt to better portray what the Director wants the viewer to see.  Plus, he's from New Zealand, and you know how much I love international flavor in the countdown.  So, Oh Scratchy One, what does Halloween mean to you?

"Scratchy" Hellucinations Of Halloween

"Way, way down-under

But furthermost from Hell in so many ways.

New Zealand and this old time horror reviewer for many, many years is jealous as…

All hell.

Childhood memories few and far between as far as Halloween is concerned.

Disappointing but with glimmers of light in the darkness…

Canada and a holiday to where it was really “at”.

Decorations, candy, witches, pumpkins.

Mid 70’s with friends – and we stalked that foreign neighbourhood with all that we were.

Under restrictions.

Unable to eat as we went – razor blades and poison were a popular pastime for those that loathed…

Children’s fun and the perceived darker sides of life.

But we got our fill.

And hoped for a brighter darker future on my return home.

Which never came until I had children of my own – so behind the times and now commercialised without a real knowledge and horror aspect at all.


10 or so years ago it tentatively began here with any form of real recognition – hated by many as “just another day”…

To make a buck.

Meaning far more to me as my boys loved horror as much as I did – holding mock hearts, dripping blood we celebrated in style and shocked even the hardiest…

And loved every minute.

Meaning far more as “El Dia De Los Muertos” is ink etched permanently in my skin. Life and love in death – not to be feared but…


Wishing those who have passed, to return back to share and celebrate…

Life and all it holds dear.

For always and forever.

Day of the Dead.

Far from the intentions of one Michael Myers.

Margarita’s flow. Tequila my poison whilst smoking a fine Cuban…

Romeo y Julieta No 3.

Enjoying the visits from the neighbourhood children – scaring them to death as the chainless chainsaw roars to life or brandishing the mock machete whilst blood drips from freshly made wounds.

They will learn the true meaning of trick but be amply rewarded by treat for nightmares that may well ensue.

Reminiscing on a life of horror with Madam at my side – a cuddle and a kiss…

Our 5 boys now having a Halloween of their own but safe in the knowledge that they have been well inducted into the fold…

Looking forward to sharing it with grandchildren in the future.

Content in so many ways.

For all that horror has provided me and the friends I have made along the way…

Privileged despite the commercialisation of the season…

And the lack of exposure in the Land of the Long White Cloud – Aotearoa.

Indie still a solid, long standing friend and lover…

But paying respect to the past on the day…

Sneaking up the hallway…

Rebellious as ever in nature.

Babysitter oblivious to the fact.

The Tell Tale Heart and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane…

Valves warmed up, ticking softly, on the black and white set.

Still play just as well today.

Thankful for the sights “she” showed one so young.

So many years ago.

Starting a life-long passion…



“Horror” was her name.


Was the year.

Now 2014.

Hell, let’s do it all over again.

As one does…"

 24 days 'til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.  24 days 'til Halloween.  Silver Shamrock!

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