Thursday, October 23, 2014

What Halloween Means To Me '14: Keith Voigt Jr.

Today on the countdown, we have independent horror director Keith Voigt Jr.  I met Keith at Days of the Dead Atlanta last year and had a killer time talking to him throughout the weekend.  I snagged a copy of his dvd featuring the short films Arme and Lust from Toetag's table and was duly impressed.  It's always cool when dudes that make good movies are good dudes as well.  So Keith, what does Halloween mean to you?

"When I was a kid Halloween was just a fun time to dress up and get candy. But when I snuck "Friday the 13th" on VHS around 5 or 6 years old and watched it for the first time it changed things forever. That's when I got introduced to horror films, good ole Jason Voorhees. The next year I watched "Halloween" on Halloween and loved it too. So then like so many people it sort of became a tradition for me to watch "Halloween" on Halloween. In my High School years Halloween was a time to party! I threw these parties all the time and we called them WINKERLANd (hence the production company name) and any time we threw one for Halloween we called it HalloWINKERLANd. People dressed up and got wasted and we had a blast. Some of the best memories of my life. Now Halloween to me is a time when I feel normal around the rest of the world haha. Things that us Horror fans do regularly everyone else does for a little bit. It really is a magical time of the year. The crisp leaves are beneath our feet, the skies are beautiful and the weather is just right. Halloween has a great atmosphere and that's why I love it. Horror flicks are for sale in Walmart and being shown on TV. So like I said it means a lot of things to me. But what's really important is what does it mean to YOU?"

8 more days 'til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.  8 more days 'til Halloween.  Silver Shamrock!

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