Saturday, October 4, 2014

What Halloween Means To Me '14 Day 4: Brad Slaton

On this lovely first Saturday of October, when the non-"every day is Halloween" crowd are finally getting around to figuring out that it's spooky fun time, we're gonna hear from Brad Slaton.  In addition to directing (one of his shorts is featured in World of Death), Brad does the Picking Brains Podcast where he interviews some of horror's elite.  Brad brought me into the podcasting world when he began bringing me in for a monthly visit.  Our episodes have consistently grown crazier and crazier, ranging in topic from our epic rants about The Sacrament to Sharon Tate's Ass to Busey Claus to golden age horror flicks and blah-blah-blah indie horror.  Brad also manages to offend someone every time he opens his damn mouth.  Seriously, I'm the voice of reason on that podcast if you can believe that.  So, against my better judgement... Brad, what does Halloween mean to you?

"When I was 10 I let Jesus fuck me for the first time on Halloween night. (EDITOR’S NOTE – He means his first viewing of The Exorcist. I must clarify that we here at Son of Celluloid are not accusing Jesus of Michael Jacksoning with any kids.  The Lord has a hell of a legal team.)  After that epic night, my life was changed and I went from dressing up in whatever costume was cool at the time to becoming a creature of the night on a yearly basis. As the years went on the tradition of Trick ‘R Treating was replaced with myself and my deviant friends throwing pumpkins at cars, egging houses, & calling on spirits to wreak havoc; all topped off with a viewing of Tim Curry as a sweet transvestite. Once I hit high school it became tradition to skip school on Halloween. We would start with a breakfast buffet followed by a visit to Eddie’s Trick Shop in the Marietta Square where the Halloween spirit was strong. We would then ride around blaring The Misfits (Danzig Era- Is there any other????) and begin our evening activities of Haunted houses (these were always a blast with the exception of Silo X- shame on you). The night always ended with a marathon of essential horror classics and unspeakable partying until the sun rose.
As the years have passed those nights of debauchery have ceased. The last insane Halloween I had was when my wife and I went to a costume party and I dressed as Santa. Big mistake!!!!! We didn’t know people were bringing their kids and I was bombarded with requests for me to bring them the coolest toys on Christmas morning. It was funny though as my wife went as a Wet T shirt contest winner. That may be the only time anyone has ever seen Santa taking shots from Ms. Claus’s cleavage. Hey Santa likes a nice set of tits just like any other all-American man.  At this point in my life Halloween is all focused on the enjoyment that my two sons derive from the spectacle; the costumes, candy, atmosphere and begging to stay up all night on a sugar high.
Halloween to me is the epicenter of my life. Once the October breeze hits I can smell the season coming. It encapsulates all that I am. From the childhood moments of getting that epic haul of candy to the dead cats hanging from poles I will always remember Halloween. Oh and one last Halloween anecdote… FUCK Ti West!"

27 days 'til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. 27 days 'til Halloween, Silver Shamrock!


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Fantastic. Haha

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