Monday, August 5, 2013

420 Reviews: Spring Breakers, John Dies At The End, Sharknado, and Would You Rather

Time for another rotation of 420 reviews.  If you don't know the deal with 420 reviews, go HERE and read the second paragraph before proceeding.  Alright, let's fire it up...

Spring Breakers
I appreciate the nihilistic heart of SB, but it’s surrounded by a dumb flick. The girls are all unlikable characters. How can a plot that thin have holes that big? It’s maddeningly repetitive. Franco is good, but him constantly intoning “spring breeeaaak” is as irritating as the soundtrack. Some scattered moments of artistic brilliance that aren’t worth the trip. Lots of titties though, so at least there’s that. 4/10

Looks like the horror hipsters discovered Asylum.  Sharknado may be no Sharktopus, but it’s a lot of fun.  A ridiculous premise, surprisingly decent acting, effects that range from ok to awful, and enough WTF for multiple flicks.  We knew what to expect, and we got it.  Dumb as hell, but with an energy and moxy that separates it from the lesser Syfy originals. I literally laughed til it hurt a couple of times. 7/10


John Dies At The End
Incomprehensible, unclassifiable, and infectiously likable. Coscarelli’s still got it. This scifi comedy delivers in laughs and weirdness. The bizarre plot and nonlinear narrative keep you guessing. My only complaints: a few slow patches and the insanely cool welder’s mask from the promotional art only being in the flick for seconds. Theater owners take note, this is tailor made for stoned midnight screenings. 7.5/10
Would You Rather
Awesome! This flick manages to be intelligent, and even funny at times, while still reveling in gleeful sadism. Jeffrey Combs is outstanding, chewing the scenery as only he can. Surprisingly, the lack of gore doesn’t hurt the movie. A little more development of the minor characters would have been nice. I love the off kilter atmosphere and downbeat climax. I have a feeling you’ll see this on this year’s top ten. 9/10

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