Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 Day Horror Challenge Strikes Back Day 8: Character you would want as your best friend.

Ok, let’s see here, who would I want as my best friend? By the way, I refuse to use BFF or any other ridiculous text abbreviation in actual conversation because that’s just idiotic. Anyway, it would have to be Reggie Bannister from the Phantasm series. He just seems like a really cool guy. He’s always got great cars. Maybe he’d let me take that beautiful Hemicuda from part 2 out for a spin. He’s a pony-tailed, guitar playing aging hippy. This means two things. First, he’s mellow and laid back, which is a quality I like. Second, he most likely knows where to get really good weed.

When the ca-ca hits the fan though, he’s a good guy to have on your side. He’s loyal as hell. Honestly, take a look at your friends. If suddenly the Tall Man, his legion of demonic jawas, and those flying death spheres were all gunning for you, how many of your friends would step up and say “You’re gonna have to go through me to get to him?” If you said none, then you’re probably right. Reggie was there for Mike though. He fought side by side with him even before the Tall Man killed his family. At first, his only motive was friendship. That’s loyalty right there. Going out of your way to help a friend is one thing. Taking on the Tall Man is a whole different ballgame.

He’s damn good in a fight too. He holds his own, thinks quickly on his feet, and knows some pretty useful tricks. I wouldn’t have thought to build a four barreled shotgun, would you? That shotgun is bad ass though. Watch the expert way he sets all those booby traps in part 2. Where did he learn this stuff? Who knows? Who cares? All I know is that I want this dude on my side.

As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also another brother of the saw. In Phantasm 2 he even has a chainsaw duel with one of the Tall Man’s minions. I have a special place in my movie geek heart for chainsaw duels. Hell, I can only think of three that ever happened, and Reggie was in one of them. He carries one everywhere throughout that flick. See yesterday’s post if you need an explanation of the whole “brothers of the saw” thing. His only weakness seems to be women. The ladies lead to his downfall every time. I can’t fault him for that though. I already have plenty of friends this is true for. Hell, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. He seems like he’d be fun to just hang out with, and a great ally in battle when necessary. I don’t know about that ice cream truck though. You keep that thing away from me Reg.


Dr. Jimmy Terror said...

Superior choice! I always wanted to make weapons with Reg.

Cash Wampum said...

I'd go with Ken Foree either from Chainsaw III or the original Dawn of the Dead. He's big, he's mean, he's smart, he keeps it together when the shit hits the fan and he's damn funny too. That scene with him and Alfredo in the swamp is one of my favourites.

I met Ken one day on my way out of a convention in Novi, Michigan. His table was empty all day so to my surprise I bumped into him on my way to the exit. I had to stop him and shake his hand. He's bigger in person, lemme tell ya. I told him I loved him in everything he did (this was WAY before Rob Zombie started casting him in shit) and that my only regret was that I didn't see more of him. He appreciated that.

Ken Foree FTW!!!

hawkdmh said...

I always thought reg was cool myself.

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