Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Day Horror Challenge Strikes Back Day 1: A film you wish you could go live your life in for one day.

First off, the question originally read "Other than the blood and guts, a film you wish you could go live your life in for one day. " What other reason could you have for wanting to live in a horror movie? If you don't want blood and guts, go spend your one day in a romantic comedy or something. I just had to get that out of the way first since my choice is basically based on blood and guts. I’m gonna get this round of questions started with the same flick I ended the last one with. It’s kind of a Halloween 2 “sequel picking up right where the previous one ended” type of thing. I speak, of course of the original Night of the Living Dead. The zombie apocalypse has begun, but it’s still in the beginning stages. The scheize hasn’t really hit the fan yet like it would by the time “Dawn” rolled around. They are coming to get you Barbara, but they’re slow and there aren’t all that many of them yet.

Why the hell would I want to spend 24 hours amongst the rampaging undead? Well, lets be honest here, who among us that loves zombie flicks hasn’t thought about how we’d fare during the zombie apocalypse? I know I have. It’s a frequent topic of drunken discussion amongst my friends. Unfortunately, when there’s finally no more room in hell, I’ll be pretty much screwed. I’ve made my peace with the fact that I won’t do too well in the zombie infested world. When the dead walk the earth, society is going to break down. When society breaks down, pharmaceuticals are going to be hard to come by. I’m diabetic. It won’t take long for me to run out of pharmacies to pillage for my insulin. If the electricity goes out, the whole supply goes bad due to lack of refrigeration. Just like anyone else who is reliant on medication for survival, I’ll be ghoul food sooner rather than later.

If I could live in the undead nightmare for just one day, however, that wouldn’t be a factor. I could be the zombie ass kicker I know I could be without the knowledge that I was going down soon anyway. My fantasy of the world being my shambling, rotting shooting gallery would come true. Since I would only be there one day, none of my actions would have any long term ramifications at all. It would basically be a life or death video game. After a day playing the ultimate “survival horror” game, I could return to my normal life (I use normal very loosely) a happy man, knowing in my heart that I survived that day. Then, when the undead hordes finally do arise, I’ve gotten the headshots out of my system. I can just barricade myself inside a candy store, eat all the forbidden delicacies I can, sit back and, in the words of Jim Morrison, watch the whole shithouse go up in flames.


hawkdmh said...

Yup its kinda sad to realize you rely that much on modern society and might go insane or die without it,target practice with zombie heads would definitely be fun, love the jim morrison reference.

Anonymous said...

Zombie target practice would indeed be fun! I would prefer to practice with meelee weapons more than firearms or boombooms ;) while fire arms & boombooms are AWESOME, they will eventually run out. Meelee weapons will be of no real use unless properly trained ;) i'll take the leadpipe . . . in the yard . . . with the zombie :)

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