Friday, October 19, 2012

What Halloween Means To Me Day 15: James Bickert (Big World Pictures)

In many ways, the release and rise of Dear God No! and the history of Son of Celluloid are tied together.  My first cover quote was on the limited edition VHS.  The first time my name appeared in a magazine, it was on a DGN ad.  It was also the first movie premiere that I attended as press.  At the after party, I interviewed the director, and that’s when I met James Bickert.  In addition to making that sleaze masterpiece, Jimmy is a living, breathing exploitation encyclopedia.  His knowledge of drive-in cinema is as far beyond mine as mine is beyond a normal person.  It’s not very often that people can turn me on to horror flicks I’ve never even heard of, but he can.  I mean hell, the dude has a freakin' drive-in in his back yard.  Literally.  Now THAT’S dedication.  He’s a brilliant trash historian, an excellent director, a drunken scumbag, and a hell of a guy.  He’s currently in pre-production on Frankenstein Created Bikers, so keep an ear out for news on the next bloody biker epic from Big World Pictures.  So Jimmy, what does Halloween mean to you?

“The creepy kid down the street is now an adult. As Halloween grows near and the air becomes brisk, a magic elixir begins to appear. The season brings pumpkin beers, Oktoberfest recipes and porters. Hearty beers that fill the belly and enhance the dizzy whirlwind of cheap tetanus laden fair rides, leaves floating through bare trees over a laughter filled bonfire and obscure giallos haphazardly projected onto a backyard screen. The career sinner can stagger among the crowd undetected while conjuring double vision nightmares. In a flickering light ritual, resurrected cinematic gods cast spells on my daughter and other children. We can only hope they will be infected and become the future creepy children down the street.”

12 days ‘til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.  12 days ‘til Halloween.  Silver Shamrock!

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