Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What Halloween Means To Me Day 6: Giovanni Deldio

Horror movies, metal, pro wrestling, and porn.  Man, Master Gio really knows how to party.   Today’s post comes from “Master” Giovanni Deldio.  This native New Yorker writes primarily about two kinds of movies, horror and porn.  People getting laid and getting slayed.  Cumming and going.  You know what I’m saying.  His blog, Words From The Master, is a fun read.  Go check it out HERE, but I am required to tell you that it’s NSFW.  There’s boobies and stuff.  In addition to his own blog, he's a staff writer at and has written reviews for,,,, and the holy grail of horror writing credits…Fangoria! Gio is a busy dude, and he’s got great taste in flicks, music, and almost everything else.  Almost.  He does think Debbie Gibson grew up to be hotter than Tiffany.  Oh well, no one is right all the time.  So Master Gio, you know the question at hand. Offer up some Halloweenie goodness, would you?

Why I Simply Love Halloween!

As I write this, my favorite time of the year is a month away. I have been excited for it pretty much since last month. In fact, I couldn’t wait for summer to over. Now, this isn’t to say I had a bad summer or I hate summer, quite the contrary, but no time of the year compares to Halloween. And, in my world, no time ever will. So why is that? What is it about Halloween that I love so much? Well, allow me to tell you.
Like all children I loved Halloween. But, since I always liked monsters and horror movies, I have had a stronger connection to it. I loved putting out the Halloween decorations. I mean, they were, and still are, the coolest! The other holidays have pretty innocent and somewhat boring symbols. While, Halloween decorations had and have all the cool stuff: ghosts, bats, black cats, spiders, skulls, and other creepy, crawly stuff. What little kid into monster movies and comics wouldn’t love that? Ironically though, it wasn’t until I was older that I truly fell in love with the holiday.
By the time college came I had a new tradition: doing a horror movie marathon on Halloween. It started from the fact that, in October, horror movies are released in the theatres, but as I began to increase my VHS, and eventually LD and then DVD collections, I had enough of my own movies to pick from. Soon, I would spend Halloween watching movies like Dawn of the Dead and The Howling.
What also happened is that AMC soon began to air Universal and Hammer movies in the days that lead into Halloween. I would throw these in too. What eventually began as one day turned into a whole month. I now try only to watch only horror movies, at least when it comes to anything from DVD and blu-rays I own, during the month. I still try to throw in movies on cable, but only if they are stuff I have never seen.
That being said, I still find that it’s Universal and Hammer movies that best qualify for the season. I guess that’s ‘cause they have all the “classic” elements for it. In the end, this means the horror movies that I am watching can be as diverse as Them!, Village of the Damned, The Bride of Frankenstein, Dead Alive, and Audition. Plus, Halloween also means horror movies will be on sale in Best Buy, FYE, and Amazon. Also, on Halloween itself, I try to only listen to metal, hard rock, and punk that best captures the Halloween feel, IE: Mercyful Fate/ King Diamond, The Misfits, Alice Cooper, Cannibal Corpse, White Zombie, etc. Throw in Halloween parties, whether they be at my favorite bar in the world (heavy metal Mecca Duff’s Brooklyn) or Chiller Theatre, and you have what amounts to the best fun I ever ask to have.
And so, every year, I get very excited as I see Halloween stuff being put out. In fact, if they ain’t out soon enough, you will hear me bitch and moan; especially when you consider how fast Christmas shit comes out or how fucking annoying Valentine crap can be. Come the first day of next month, I will be so insanely happy. And, as each day passes, I’ll only get more happy. For, while Halloween is always in my heart and always a part of me, it’s only during this month that it’s everywhere else.  The only way you could make this better is if Halloween lasted all year round…and that, my dear friends, is no joke. 

 20 days 'til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.  20 Days 'til Halloween.  Silver Shamrock.

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