Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Upcoming Horror Flick Jamboree: Veil

This one's still fairly early in the process, it's in post production, and they're planning to drop the Veil (get it?) in Fall 2012, but I say we start the buzz early. Lets see, it's about a guy who is afraid of marriage, apparently has terrible taste in women, is thinking with the wrong head and decides to hook up with a mysterious chick with a hidden dark side that just might end up being his demise. Um, is this movie about me? Aside from the premise ripped from the pages of my life, the other reason I'm psyched about this one is that my homegirl, the Head Hauntress herself, Elizabeth Katheryn Gray, is the co-Executive Producer. Go EKG!
Here's the Synopsis... - The temptation to have a one night stand leads a man to a distant town and a woman with a dark agenda. When he doesn’t return, if falls upon his black sheep sister to uncover the truth about what happened.
and the details. - Ten Sundays Productions (Cannibal Cheerleader Camp, Boxing Day) is proud to present the feature horror film Veil.
The film stars Joseph Durbin (Deadlands 2), Devon Marie Brookshire (Ninjas vs. Vampires), Josh Davidson (Ghosts Don’t Exist), Kendra
North (Witch’s Brew), and newcomer Meghan Nelson.
The film is written & directed by Paul Busetti an
d produced by Busetti along with Chris Kiros (Zombthology) and Josh Davidson (Dead iSland). Executive Produced by Leo Curbelo and Elizabeth Katheryn Gray.
Filming took place over the winter on location in Virginia & Maryland. Veil is currently in postproduction and is slated for a fall 2012 release.

You want stills? I got your stills...

For more info you can check out Ten Sundays Production's page HERE and don't forget to follow the flick's official facebook page HERE to stay up to date on all of the happenings surrounding Veil.

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Anonymous said...

i HAVE to see this movie! in just your first few words, i was wondering . . . did they really make a movie about the S.O.C.? ;) LOL. don't forget to remind me when it comes out!

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