Saturday, May 26, 2012

Huge Thanks To My Favorite German Cellmate, Ingo!

If anyone ever needed any more proof that you guys, the Cellmates, are the greatest group of readers a blogger could ever ask for, here's it is. In my review of the German splatter flick Das Komabrutale Duell I mentioned that I had been trying to track down another German flick called Cannibal for a while unsuccessfully. The very next morning, I got a message from a reader in Germany named Ingo offering to send me a copy of the flick. I didn't even know I had any readers in Germany. Anyway, Ingo, who runs his own blog over at says check it out) is cool as hell and hooked me up. If you get an envelope from Deutschland that looks like that one, you know there's coolness inside... Not only did he send me Cannibal, but he sent me a bunch of flicks, some of which had been on my want list for a good long time. Of course, the original one he offered is the one I'm most jacked about.

He also helped me get 2 patches of one of my favorite bands on earth, German horror-punk powerhouse The Crimson Ghosts, for a whole hell of a lot cheaper than getting the band to ship them directly to me.

They will make a killer addition to the hoodie of doom and every time I see them I will think of the generosity and overall badassery of Deutsch Cellmate Nummer Eins. Thank you Ingo, you're the f'n man.

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Ingo-Hellford667 Movie Reviews said...

Im glad I could help you out, dont hesitate to ask for more... I have little movie blog, too.. far from your professional approach, but I already met awesome ppl by running it. Its not just horror, but a bit of everything there.visit me at

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