Saturday, May 26, 2012

Video: My interview with Nick Principe from Days of the Dead Atlanta.

Here is is folks, the last of my interviews from Days of the Dead. This time I'm sitting down for a smoke break with a new school slasher star with an old school flair, Nick Principe. You might know him as Chromeskull from the Laid to Rest flicks, Damien from the recently released Madison County, or, if you're lucky and have great taste, BLT from The FP. He was a lot of fun to talk to, and was one of the most entertaining guests throughout the weekend. That pratfall at the Men Behind the Mask panel was brilliant. The reason this is the last interview from the con is that this is as far as the battery made it. Like a trooper, it held on until halfway through the last question, then it just couldn't go on. We salute you battery, you held strong throughout scream queens, horror legends, psychos and madmen. Your sacrifice will be, um, recharged. Or something like that. Also, thank you to Leah for spotting that cool spot to sit for the interview. We look like we're looking down from Mount Olympus. Enjoy the interview with Nick Principe, and leave me your feedback in the comments section. Tell me what you thought about all of these DOTD interviews I've posted. It was my first day of shooting interviews, so I'm sure you guys have some suggestions.

The music over the credits is "Back to the Cemetery" by The Other off of their album New Blood. Go check 'em out. Then again, if you don't know about The Other, you're probably not into horror punk in the first place.

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