Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What Halloween Means To Me '13 Day 8: Jude Felton

It's Horror Blogger All Stars week here on the What Halloween Means To Me countdown, and we're kicking off with Jude Felton.  Jude runs The Lair Of Filth, where he reviews horror movies and metal albums at a breakneck pace.  I'm serious, the dude's a review machine.  He may not actually be human.  He also just started writing for HorrorHound.  My personal experience with HorrorHound aside, he deserves a big congratulations.  In keeping with a theme that seems to be prevalent in this year's countdown, Jude is gonna tell us about getting one hell of a Halloween treat a few of years ago...
"Halloween is always a special day for us horror fans, and now the day has taken on a new twist for my good self.
Back in early 2010, my wife and I found out that we would be expecting a wee baby. The due date? October 31st. Of course, what other day could it be? Halloween it would be then, well that was the plan. On subsequent visits to the doctor’s we were given the 30th and 29th as due dates. Not my son, thank you very much, he’ll be here on Halloween, and that’s all there is to it.
So, the months past and the due date drew ever nearer, until on October 30th, which was a Saturday, my wife and I had a busy day scheduled. This was daft, as the baby was due any minute, but that’s how we roll. First off we hit up My Soul To Take at the theater, and left incredibly disappointed. Still, we had another movie planned, so hopefully that would be better.
Later that evening, we trekked off to catch Saw: The Final Chapter at the local multi-plex. I enjoyed it, as I have all the Saw movies, but wouldn’t you just know it, Steph started having bad-ass contractions. She roughed it out (her choice not mine) and we made it through the film and back home about midnight.
3am rolls around and I get woken up to be told that we had to go to the hospital, as the baby was on his way. Of course, I wanted a bit more sleep, even though it was not to be haha!!
At 10.53am, Landon Novak Daniel Felton came kicking and screaming into the world, and my Halloween’s would never be the same again! They were good before, and now they are even better. The day wasn’t over though…
…we decided to finish the day off with Rob Zombie’s version of Halloween, which Steph had yet to see, and then the Series Premiere of The Walking Dead, all within the confines of a hospital room.
Landon may not have technically come home that Halloween night, but a new legacy started that day."

 23 days ‘til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.  23 days ‘til Halloween.  Silver Shamrock.

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