Sunday, December 23, 2012

420 Reviews: V/H/S, Silent Night, and Creep Van

I love the concept here, but it wasn’t executed very well. I’ve always defended shaky-cam if it’s “first person,” but this one takes it a little far. There are a couple of good performances scattered throughout, and there’s plenty of nudity, but most of the stories are average at best. Segment three has some laughs, and segment five is far and away the best one despite the bad CGI effects. Half of a severed thumb up.

Silent Night:
Forget for a second that it’s a remake, this is a cool little slasher flick. The kills are creative, even if they do occasionally feature some obligatory bad CGI. The references to the original are well played. Aside from a couple of weak moments, the cinematography is first rate.  This just might become part of my annual Ghoultide viewing. Did I mention that I love Malcolm McDowell? One and a half severed thumbs up.

Creep Van:
Sometimes a film isn’t all that good, but it’s a lot of fun. Such is the case here. The best part of the flick is the killer practical gore effects. The worst part is what comes in between them. Luckily the mayhem never lets up for too long. The production quality is pretty high; and the acting quality is pretty low.  If you’ve got a taste for cheese, it’s a great “drinking with friends” movie.  One severed thumb up.


Eric Raymer said...

Thanks for reviewing Creep Van! I was just standing at the Redbox yesterday wondering if it'd be worth a buck... The title alone was almost enough to sway me. I think I'll give it a shot.

Maynard Morrissey said...

VHS concept is awesome but the execution is just terrible. One of this year's biggest disappointments.

SIlent Night, love it or hate it - I pretty much hated it. Long live Part 1 & 2 :D

Ha, just yesterday I've seen the Creep Van director's debut GAG, which is quite a suckfest.

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