Monday, September 16, 2013

And The Winners Of The You're Next Masks Are...

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to give away these masks.  Man, a LOT of you wanted these.  Before I give them away, however, I need to remind you to follow the directions on these contests.  Quite a few entries got deleted because they either had no address or they didn't answer the trivia question.  The answer, by the way, was Home Sick.  Then, I had someone win and then get disqualified because they hadn't liked the facebook page.  Pay attention to the eligibility requirements.  I always make 'em easy, but I do check 'em.  
You know, Tiger Mask?  Nevermind.
Ok, lecture over.  Let's see who's gonna be sporting... hey, wait a minute.  Does anyone else get the wrestling connection here?  Of course the sheep mask is similar to the one worn my the bald dude from the Wyatt Family whose name no one can remember, but the other one is a tiger mask.  You know, like Tiger Mask, the legendary Japanese wrestling character that, like, nine dudes have played?  The sound of those crickets tells me that I'm probably the only puroresu fan here.  Moving along.
Anyway, the people whose names were drawn are... you know, I haven't actually seen Home Sick.  It looks pretty good.   I need to find a copy somewhere.  What?  Oh, the winners.  right.  The masks go to...

Benjamen Sager
Cliff Rockwell (I hope to god that's your real name.  If it is, you go thank your parents for that badass moniker NOW.)
and Melinda Krausman

Congratulations guys.  I'll be sending those masks out shortly.  As for the rest of you, stay tuned because I'll be announcing the next giveaway this Friday and this time... we're getting dirty!

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Greg the giggling wonderllama said...

Getting dirty? sounds like my kind of good time!

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