Thursday, September 26, 2013

Adults Only Giveaway: Driller: A Sexual Thriller

In yesterday's post, I told you all to get your minds out of the gutter.  Well, now I want you to put them right back because we're getting dirty today.  That's right, SOC is giving away smut!  Here's your chance to win your very own copy of Driller: A Sexual Thriller courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing.
What is Driller, you ask?  It's exactly what you think it is, a porno version of Michael Jackson's Thriller.  I'll wait for you to make your kiddie jokes.  Done?  Can we go on now?  Good.  Anyway, this is old style porn from the Golden Age.  There's actually a plot surrounding the sex.  In this one a girl is infatuated with a Jackson type singer.  He shows up in her dreams, turns into a werewolf with a comically huge "drill" dong that shoots blackish/greenish... well, you know.  Then he drags her back to his dungeon.  Along the way we have song and dance numbers featuring some pretty decent choreography and professional dancers, hunchbacks, a hilarious soundtrack, dubbing that will crack you up, and lots of bush (it was the 80's).  Speaking of ex-presidents, a couple of them show up in the climatic orgy (no, I'm not kidding) along with zombies, gimps, and more mid-group sex dancing.  This is a flick that really has to be seen to be believed.  I doubt anyone's gonna be getting off to this one, but it's insanely entertaining.
You're gonna have to get a little creative to win this one, Cellmates.  Well, first you have to go like the facebook page HERE.  Yes, that is a requirement.  Then we get to the fun part.  There's been a lot of horror porn parodies released in the past with great titles like Evil Head, Re-Penetrator, A Clockwork Orgy, Edward Penishands, The Sexorcist, The Texas Dildo Massacre, Muffy The Vampire Layer, and Night of the Giving Head (my personal favorite).  What I want you to do is leave a comment on this page with your email address and your best porn parody title.  Try to make it something that isn't already out there.  On October 10th, I'll pick the one that makes me laugh the hardest as the winner.  Ok, let's recap.

1. You have to be 18.  I'm giving away porn here, so this one is for the adults only.  If I don't know the winner, I may ask for proof.
2. Like the facebook page HERE.  
3. Leave a comment with your email and the cleverest, funniest, porniest  XXX horror parody title you can muster.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what the perverts and weirdos who read this blog come up with, so get those entries in folks.  Then, you can throw in this DVD at your Halloween party this year.  I guarantee it'll get a reaction one way or another.


Anonymous said...

Invasion of the Booby

Jason Impey said...

Adult's Play - You'll Never Play So Hard Again! -

Dr. Jimmy TERROR said...

Last Hair on The Breast.

Anonymous said...

The Human Pentipeen -

ALG said...

(Big Trouble in Little China)
Big Stubbie in Little 'gina

Will Penny said...

Let The Right Dong In -

Matt Garrett said...

Henry: Portrait of a Cocksucker

Anonymous said...

Phantom of the Orifice -

Anonymous said...

The Cocky Whore-or Picture Show -

g mink said...

session 69
house of 1000 snatches
king dong
creature from the spooge lagoon
amityville whore
trixie's treat
cream (cream 2, cream 3, cream 4)
whorehouse on haunted hill

(im sorry...i know you just wanted one but once i started thinking i couldnt stop)

g mink said...

...or for gay horror porn- phallus sweet phallus...

Jason Impey said...

Hellfucker - They Will Tear Your Hole Apart -

giovanni deldio said...

I Spit on Your Cock

Mark Schemanske said...

I wanted Evil Head, but that's a real movie. Anyhow, how about. . .
Children of the Cornhole
Cumsucking Freaks
Spoom of the Blind Dead
Rosemary's Booby
Planet of the Gapes
The Dunwich Horror

Mark Schemanske said...

That last one should have been The Dunwich Whore. Sorry!

Ingo-Hellford667 said...


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