Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Where Else Can I Find SOC's Mad Musings? Fangoria, Italian Horror Week, and Extreme Week!

Just because the blog is newly reanimated doesn't mean that this horror geek has been laying dormant.  Oh no.  It also doesn't mean that this site is the only place to find me ranting like a madman.  In fact, like blood and entrails after a particularly good night with a hooker, I'm all over the damn place.  For example, I recently managed to add a major credit to my resume and realize a lifelong dream at the same time.  Like most horror fans, a good portion of my early genre education came from Fangoria.  I wrote about my love for and history with the iconic publication HERE, so I'll reserve my fanboy gushings.  Anyway, when Jess Franco died, a memorial party was planned at Jimbo Bickert's Drive-In.  Wind of this historic event reached Fango editor Chris Alexander, and the next thing I knew I found myself writing about the Eurosleaze throwdown under the stars in the pages of Fango.  As fellow gorehounds, I'm sure I don't have to explain to you how cool that is.  You can find my first appearance in Fango's hallowed bloody pages in issue 325, which is on sale right now.
I also contributed to Italian Horror Week over at Dr. Terror's Blog Of Horrors.  All week, Doc has been celebrating Italian Horror with guest writers, amazing art, 8-bit game trailers that will blow your mind, and killer giveaways.  I wrote an article crowning a king of eyeball violence that can be found HERE.  I highly recommend you click on that banner to the left and be magically transported to the land of vino and violence.  read the best writing the online horror scene has to offer and maybe even win some cool stuff.  Dr. Jimmy put together one hell of an event, but you'd better hurry up.  You only have 'til Friday to get in on the fun.

Coming up on the horizon I'll be participating in Extreme Week coming up July 29-August 2 on Guts & Grog.  My boy Eric is gonna bring the mind melting, soul shredding, gut grinding flicks to you as only he and the sickest freaks from the farthest reaches of the blogosphere can.  Reviews, interviews, contests, and all kindsa subversive fun await.  I can't tell you what I have up my sleeve yet, and even I don't know what surprises Groggy has in store for you.  I just know that you don't want to miss it.  Click on that picture of good ol' Milos there to go like Guts & Grog on facebook to keep up with Extreme week... if you think you can handle it.

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