Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Acid Bath Productions Announces "Catch Of The Day" And I Finally Announce The Giveaway Winner

If you could see my face at this moment, you would see a rarity among rarities.  A look of shame has actually crossed the normally shameless Son of Celluloid's visage.   Yep, I screwed up.  Way back before my hiatus, I had a giveaway for a copy of James Balsamo's flicks Hack Job and I Spill Your Guts courtesy of Acid Bath Productions Wild Eye Films.  Well, today I went to look in the "stuff to give away" box  and noticed those DVDs still sitting there. I never announced the winner.  Sorry about that Cellmates.  Without any further delay, congratulations to the randomly selected winner... Nicole Gould!  Thank you to everyone entered, and keep your eyes peeled, 'cause I've got some killer stuff to give away soon.

While we're talking about Mr. Balsamo and Acid Bath, he recently sent me the details of his newest project called Catch of the Day.  He's gonna be bringing his trademark "chock full of cameos" horror comedy style to us again in November.  Follow the flick on facebook HERE to stay up to the minute on the production.  Wanna know what it's about?  Read on...


NEW YORK, NY – Acid Bath Productions, the makers of “Hack Job”, “I Spill Your Guts” and “Cool As Hell,” announce the official anticipated release date of November 19, 2013 for a brand new Horror Comedy, “Catch of the Day.” Directed by James Balsamo, this buddy- cop masterpiece with splashes of mutant fish monsters and tons of splaststick fun is bound to get you excited.
Officer Rod Davis becomes embedded undercover when a cartel starts brining drugs into the city through shipments of fish. He soon finds himself and his city under siege when a scientist accidently creates mutant fish people with a poisonous bite. It's up to the rookie cop and a sexy lab assistant to find the drug stash and destroy the crime lord controlling the mutant monsters, but it turns personal when Rod's sister is kidnapped. Are they fighting giant mutant fish monsters just for the halibut? See the badge, bass, and ass in a horror-comedy that you won't want to throw back... because it's the "Catch of the Day."
The film features Tuesday Knight, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, Debbie Rochon, Johnny Legend, Jennifer Banko, Irwin Keyes, Carmine Capobianco and lead singer of Suffocation Frank Mullen. The laugh-out-loud comedy adventure also features music by MxPx, Less Than Jake, Something To Do and many, many more.
The flick is already available for pre-order online through the Acid Bath Productions site at The trailer is available online HERE.


Nicole Gould said...

I WON I WON I WON. I never win anything! I am wicked excited. WOO HOOO. You are forgiven for your oversight sir.

Irving said...


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