Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dr. Terror's Italian Horror Week coming this Friday the 13th

As you wander through the mist, strange things start to happen. A heady scent of entrails and marinara drifts by on the breeze. You try to speak, but somehow your words don't match your mouth movements, and your voice seems to no longer be your own. Your world seems to be lit in vibrant primary colors that wash over the faces of rotting zombies, and beautiful women. Synthesizers assail your ears, mixed with the war cries of primitive cannibals. As you begin to worry that something horrible is about to happen to your eyeballs, a black gloved hand reaches for you from out of the darkness and you realize...it must be time for Italian Horror Week.
Starting Friday, July 13, it's time for a Spaghetti Splatter Spectacular as my horror homie Dr. Jimmy Terror hosts Italian Horror Week. It's a whole week dedicated to the best of Italian horror cinema featuring an insane lineup of giveaways, 3D, and guest articles from the best writers the online horror scene has to offer...and me. If you miss it, you will be impaled, plagued with maggot storms, and made to vomit up your entire intestinal tract. Well, maybe not, but you'll miss out on all of the fun, and that's just as bad. The Doc is hard at work preparing a sumptuous feast of gory goodness, so click on that picture up there to be magically transported to DR. TERROR'S BLOG OF HORRORS, where you can peruse a great site and get good and psyched up for Italian Horror Week!

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