Thursday, September 1, 2011

Who is EC3?

None of us knew it at the time, but EC3 was actually born on Christmas Day 2010. I, along with my friends Joe and Daniel, was going to hang out with Harold, Monkey, Buzzard, and Chickenbone. I was told to bring the most f**ked up movie I own. As I’m sure you know, that’s a dangerous thing to say to me. I brought Serbian Film. There we were, sitting around Harold’s living room, Christmas lights blinking, having a few drinks, and watching the most controversial and disturbing movie in many years. Needless to say, a festive time was had by all. That’s how THIS Grinch steals Christmas! The only two who dug the film (and didn’t have an “adverse reaction”) were Joe and Daniel. That’s why I recruited them for this project.

Ever since I discovered horror movies I’ve been driven to find and experience the sickest, most graphic, most frightening, most offensive, and most extreme flicks available. From my early days of being mesmerized by bootleg catalog descriptions of Cannibal Holocaust and Men Behind the Sun, to viewing of Faces of Death for the first time and believing that it was all real, to making my friends watch the Guinea Pig series, words like “uncut” and “banned” have drawn me like a shark to blood. These flicks are much more fun to watch in a group, however. That’s where the other 2 members come in.

I’ve known Joe for a close to 15 years now. He's the one on the right. I consider him my little brother. He also wanted me to let you know that he’s damn sexy. I met Daniel, the guy on the left, about 6 or 7 years ago, but I really only got to know him when I moved back from Savannah early last year. Both of them love horror movies. All three of us have morbid, twisted, offensive, decidedly un-PC senses of humor. Best of all, it’s virtually impossible to offend or gross out any of us. That’s why we’re the perfect triad to explore the far reaches of the genre.

EC3 stands for Extreme Cinema 3. The name was inspired by the West Memphis 3, which I often saw abbreviated WM3 back in the 90’s. Periodically on this blog I’m going to find a film from the fringes of horror, and the three of us are going to watch it. Then, when I review it, they’re going to chime in with their two cents worth. I will warn you, since we’re reviewing movies with some gnarly content, and the three of us have been known to say things that would make a drunken hooker blush, the EC3 posts won’t be as family friendly as I usually keep things around here. Then again, if you’re the easily offended type, you probably won’t be interested in these flicks anyway.

So, that’s who EC3 is. We’re going to carry on in the tradition of the great triumvirates in history, like Trilogy of Terror, The Tennessee Three, three ring circuses, Motorhead, The Three Amigos, The Fabulous Freebirds, The Star Wars Trilogy, The 3 Stooges, The Living Dead Trilogy, The Axis Powe…wait, no, not that last one. Ghidorah: the Three Headed Monster. Yeah, that’ll work. If you dig messed up flicks, or if you just want to find out what three whacked out guys watching whacked out movies will come up with, tune in tomorrow for the first edition of “EC3 takes on...” We’re not starting out gently either. That’s cool, we like it rough. That’s how EC3 rolls. Also, if you have any suggestions of movies we should watch, let’s hear it. We’re looking for the most violent, gory, demented, depraved, explicit, “dude, that’s just not right” flicks ever made. We hope you all come along for the ride. Now, whenever someone gets offended and asks “what kind of sick freaks watch this stuff,” you'll know the answer. EC3, that’s who!

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DOC TERROR said...

You let me know when this is out, ya hear!? :)

By the by... the Vaudeville Vampires were also a trio. Talk about Horrorabilly.

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