Friday, November 16, 2012

What Halloween Means To Me Bonus Features: Daniel Beckman

We're gonna wind up the What Halloween Means To Me bonus features with the one and only (thank Cthulhu!) Daniel Beckman.  Daniel is one of the core members of the SOC family.  He’s been one of my biggest supporters since the beginning, and he was/is one of the members of the infamous EC3.  He was there for the the "Christmas Day Serbian Film" incident.  Hell, he’s even the man responsible for coining the term “Cellmate.”  You should thank him; you readers were almost called “Cellulites.”  Yeah, I figured you'd like his idea better.  Anyway, while the future of EC3 may be very uncertain, what is certain is that Daniel will always be a part of SOC in one way or another.  So, what does Halloween mean to you bitch?

“Halloween.  My dark Christmas (too emo?).  It stands as the only holiday that I get excited about these days.  I still hold out hope that every creature that has ever frightened me may in fact be real.  A vampire (pale, not sparkly) may attack on any given evening, ghosts may haunt me, or (fingers crossed) the zombie apocalypse will level society and reset everyone’s credit scores.  All of these occurrences are at least 6 times more likely in October.  Halloween stands as most kid's first look at the dark side.  Millions of children roaming the streets with demons, sluts, and corpses.  It's beautiful!  Some of us love it and never let it go.  Halloween night is the one night a year anyone can be someone or something they are not, or perhaps finally be themselves.  There are no rules.  Be careful though; those rules come back the next day.”

348 days ‘til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween.  348 days ‘til Halloween, Silver Shamrock.

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